How to Referee for MapleBrook

MPB needs referees for summer season league play (May - July), our annual Invitational Tournament (typically the weekend after Memorial Day), fall season league play (Sept – Oct), winter indoor league (Nov - April), and scrimmages (Nov - July). 


To Ref for MPB, you MUST complete all of the following:

It might seem daunting, but much time has been spent to put it together to make it as easy as possible for new referees or referees new to MPB.  Read carefully and follow the instructions – by doing this, you will be ready to get assignments from the MPB Assignor.


  1. Complete your USSF certification
    1. Visit the MNSRC Website or the “Become a Referee” tab below  
  2. Complete concussion training AND indicate your completion in Game Officials 
    1. Complete the course here 
    2. If you've completed it via MNSHL already, you do not need to do it again
    3. Must be completed once every 3 years
  3. If 18 or older during the playing season, complete MYSA background check process once each year (Don't forget to send in your check!)
  4. Complete Referee Information and Waiver Form.  Have Parent sign if under 18
    1. Only needs to be done once
  5. Complete and return a W9 to the MPB Accountant. 
    1. Find the form at
    2. We only need this once 
    3. See "Contact Us" page for USPS address or email a scanned copy to:
    4. You will NOT be paid if you don’t do this step – NO EXCEPTIONS
  6. Set up an account on 
  7. Update & maintain your availability in Game Officials.
  8. Update & maintain your preferences in Game Officials - this includes locations, team conflicts, etc.
    1. These instructions contain everything you need to set up your account.  It is very important you follow all of them!!

If you do not complete ALL of the above, you will not be assigned games with MBSA.  This is the case for everyone, EVEN IF YOU HAVE REFFED WITH MBSA BEFORE.