Completing your USSF certification (General Information)

You must be certified with US Soccer (USSF) through the Minnesota State Referee Committee (MNSRC) to officiate MPB games.

MNSRC conducts clinics throughout the state to fulfill the USSF requirement.  Referee candidates need to register and complete the training as defined by MNSRC. 

MapleBrook may apply to host a clinic and, when approved, that date will appear in the MNSRC Clinic listing.  A referee candidate may attend a clinic anywhere in Minnesota to work with MPB. 

For detailed and up to date information about the certification process and upcoming clinics, please visit the Minnesota State Referee Committee  (MNSRC) website.

Do I need to recertify every year?
Yes, there are no exceptions.  All grades have recertification requirements that must be met annually.

Is there a cost to becoming a referee?
Cerification fees are posted on MNSRCs website.

A new referee can expect to spend $100 - $150 for the certification classes, referee uniform, shoes and other needed supplies. 

Adult referees must also pay MYSA to execute a background check on their behalf.

What are the Referee "Grades" and which clinic do I register for?

Grade 8: Referee (New or Upgrading)
-Certified to Referee all youth games
-Register for this clinic if you are a new Referee, older than age 14, or if you were a Grade 9 Referee last year

Grade 8: Referee (Recertifying)
-Certified to Referee all youth games
-Register for this clinic if you were a Grade 8 Referee last year


I'd like to upgrade from my current grade.  What are the requirements?
First of all, Good Luck with your endeavor!

To see the USSF requirements, follow the link to the USSF Referee Administrative Handbook.  This document will tell you what USSF requires to be considered for an upgrade (number of games, age, years experience, etc).

Next, see the MNSRC requirements here.  This details what MNSRC asks you to do during the upgrade process.

IMPORTANT: If you are a young or new referee that may want to upgrade in the future, you should keep track of all games you work (game number, date, time, location, teams, score, position you worked & the rest of the crew).