There are two soccer organizations in Maple Grove.  How do I know which one is the right fit for my child?

The MapleBrook Soccer Club offers a competitive soccer experience that includes travel for youth ages 8 through 19 to play in the Fall and Spring/Summer, with winter training program and NW Indoor League.  MapleBrook also offers a competitive soccer experience that does not include travel for youth ages 5 through 8 with our Blast Academy.

Maple Grove Park and Recreation is a recreational program for youth ages 5 through 19 and plays strictly against other Maple Grove Park and Rec teams.  The two organizations are not affiliated.

How much travel is involved and to where?

MPB is part of the North District of MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Association) and so are the surrounding community clubs, such as NW Kickers (Brooklyn Park), Force (Champlin), Blaine Soccer Club, Coon Rapids Soccer Club.  Occasionally, travel may be to a further destination such as Duluth.  Typically a team would travel once per week, and sometimes less.    

What is MRL (Midwest Regional League)?

The top team in ages 14 - 19 may play in the Midwest Regional League or the National League.  These teams have league games all around the Midwest or Nation.  They involve significantly more travel than a typical team.  

What is the earliest age my child can play for MapleBrook?

Players may join the Blast Academy, the competitive in-house league, at age 5. Click her for more information regarding the Blast Academy Program.


My child wants to play competitive soccer, where do I start?

Tryouts are held in late July for the following Spring/Summer season.  Players will be placed on teams following tryouts, and will have the option to play fall soccer.  Players will also receive club provided training throughout the winter with the option to play in a winter indoor league.

There are several Blast Academy sessions throughout the year; players may participate in as many as they would like.  There are not formal tryouts for this program.

What are the costs?

Here is a rough breakdown of the costs for the season.

$60 - Tryouts

$200 - Club Commitment Fee (due when you claim your place on a roster after tryouts)  This covers club overhead, staff, dome time, etc.

$220 - Uniform kit (purchased every other year)

$350 - Volunteer Commitment Deposit (Every family is required to complete 6 hours of volunteer work for one players, or 9 hours of volunteer work for 2+ players.  Your check will only be cashed, if you do not complete the 6 or 9 hours by the end of the season)

$175 - Fall (Optional U9-U14)

$600-$3500 - Team Fees (this will vary based on which team you are placed on and how many tournaments and things the team chooses to participate it.  Older, higher level teams can expect to pay more.  Parents do have a say in this fee and will be able to vote at their team meeting in the fall)  This will include all club provided training, tournaments, coach's stipends, MYSA fees, etc.

Does MapleBrook have a financial aid program for its players?

Yes, MapleBrook offers a family grant program.  Families interested in this grant will need to complete the Family Grant Application.  Families will still be responsible for paying the Tryout and Club Commitment Fee.  All families receiving assistance through the grant program will be required to complete 12 hours of volunteer work for the club by the end of the Summer season.

What are the playing seasons?

Our soccer year starts in the Fall and runs through the following Summer, but players may opt out of the Fall season and still play on a competitive team.

  • Fall season starts, for players U9-U14 with practices in late August.  Fall season games begin the weekend after Labor Day and run until mid-October.  Fall games are played on the weekends with practices being held during the week.
  • Summer season starts with practices mid-April.  Summer games start the beginning of May and run until mid-July.  Starting at U11, teams may qualify for the MYSA State Tournament that runs until the end of July.  Summer season games are during the weeknights, as set by MYSA.  Teams will play approximately 3 weekend tournaments in the Summer.

Is there training in the Winter?

MapleBrook offers a winter training program at the Maple Grove Sports Dome and Providence Dome.  This training is included in the annual registration fee and runs from January through March.  We also offer a NW Indoor League for teams wishing to participate.

Are there any requirements for me as a parent?

Each family is required to fulfill 6 hours of volunteering for one player, and 9 hours for 2+ players per family.  Volunteer opportunities can be found on our website under the Volunteer Tab.  Each listing will have a description of the task and the amount of hours it will fulfill.  If a family is unable to complete their 6 or 9 hours within the soccer year, they will forfeit their $350 volunteer deposit.

We also require that at least one person from each family attends a PACT (Parents and Coaches Together) course during their MapleBrook tenure.