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Field Locations & Weather Status

Jean Viardin

Phone: 612-323-5284

Weather and Field Status

This page displays the Game Rain Status for MapleBrook home games for the current day. It does not reflect the status of away games - you must check with the home team for their rain status.

For instant updates on weather status, follow MapleBrook on Twitter: @MPB1990

Field Information

Weather Status

This information is updated Monday through Friday after 4:00 PM. Saturday and Sunday game information will not be updated on this page, except during the tournament weekend.

Please check after 4:00 PM when inquiring about questionable weather.  You may also call the Maple Grove Parks & Rec hotline at 763-494-5959 or view the Maple Grove Parks & Rec Rain Status website after 4:00 PM for an update.

When games "are canceled," MapleBrook team managers (or coaches), please call the opposing team's coach immediately to let them know the game has been canceled.  You will then need to follow the established process for rescheduling. 
When games are "on as scheduled," each team must be at the field, on time, ready to play.  The Referee has the option to make a decision at the field, based on field conditions at game time.

Please remember to hit refresh on your browser to ensure you display the most recent page.

MYSA Weather Policy

In 2011, MYSA updated the Weather Guidelines to be a Weather Policy 

A brief summary:

If lightning is within five miles, with or without hearing thunder, the game(s) or practice(s) should be suspended and shelter sought.  (A rough guideline is to measure the time between the lightning flash and hearing the corresponding thunder. If it is 30 seconds or less, seek shelter.)

Games need to be adjusted as the heat index rises:

Mandatory water breaks

Go to quarters

Shorten the games

In cold weather, players should be allowed to dress in appropriate clothing.


For more information on the full policy, please go to the link above.