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MBSA uses as its primary assignment and communication tool.  All assignments will be posted/emailed through for all league and tournament games.  Referees can enter availability online as well as accept or decline games.  Directions to fields and open games are also available via this website

Existing users:  Please read through the FAQ below prior to the season.

New Users:  Below is a step-by-step registration guide

Step-by-Step MBSA Registration for

Navigate to  Click on New Official? (Left hand navigation bar).

  1. Read through the page, then enter the group number (1336) and access code (MDSS).
  2. Enter your basic contact information and submit.  Ensure you provide your birthday in the system so that you can be assigned age-appropriate games.
  3. The site will redirect you to the main page.  Sign in with your new user name and password.
  4. Read through and agree to the terms of service.
  5. Choose your security questions.
  6. Fill out the user form. Read notes below.

a.     All information can be listed as private. Only MBSA Referee assignors will be able to access this data.  Please enter all contact information to help us contact you in case of late game change or other emergencies.  If you are under 18 by anyone but our referee assignors.

b.     Red font (required by website)

c.     SSN (even if you have already submitted a W-9)

d.     This is secure & needed to be able to link the GameOfficials data with our payments.

e.     Contact Information

                                                               i.      Address

                                                             ii.      Phone – we need at least one phone number to be listed as public (not Private).  This should be the phone number where you can most easily be reached on short notice.  If you do not list a phone number, nobody on your crew will be able to contact you.

                                                            iii.      Email - If you are under 18, we also ask that you have a parent/guardian's email address set up to receive auto emails

f.      USSF ID # - If you do not have this yet, come back and add it when you get it.

7.     Cell/Pager/Email Notices:  This allows you to edit how you will receive new game notices.  Cell phone notices are not required and your carrier may charge you for each message sent from the system.  MBSA uses this functionality.  You should select either One Per Game or One Per Batch, depending on how you’d like to receive your notifications.

a.     If you want to receive text messages (you are responsible for charges from your carrier), select One Per Game and be sure to populate the rest of the information:

1.     Device/Carrier

2.     Phone/Pin

3.     Notice Type

8.     General Information:  Answer the questions listed here.  Please provide as much information as possible to aid the assignor in best assigning you to games.

9.     You are now in the MBSA Assigning system.   Make sure to enter your Preferences ("My Preferences" in left-hand navigation), including what league/tournament you want to work and Availability (instructions below).

a.     IMPORTANT: If you don't enter your League preferences (Self Certify), you will not get assignments since we won't know what you want to work!

b.     Location preferences can be entered in the "My Preferences" section under "Working Area Preferences" heading.

c.     Any miscellaneous information related to the assignment process can be added in the "My Preferences" section under "Misc Preferences / Notes."

d.    IMPORTANT: You must indicate Game/Team Conflicts for teams you for which you cannot ref.  Examples: your team, a sibling’s team, an age group that you coach, etc FAQ

Question: I use with another assigning group. How can I join the MBSA group?

On the right hand navigation bar, click My Assignors. Under the "Join New Group" heading, enter our group number (1136) and access code (MDSS).



Question: How do I enter my availability?

1. Click My Availability in the left hand navigation bar.
2. Select a date.
3. Choose Available or Unavailable. Note: You must enter dates in which you ARE available. If you don't specifically indicate that you ARE available for a specific date, you will NOT be assigned games. You may also indicate what days you aren't available, but the system will assume unavailable unless you specifically indicate otherwise.
4. Choose which group you are available for. If you only use GameOfficials for games refereed for MBSA, you may leave this blank.
5. Enter a note if you wish to add a comment to your availability (e.g., "game at Gleason immediately prior").
6. Click Save (Add Entry).
7. Your new entry will appear as text below, and graphically in the upper left corner of the availability page (unavailable days will be marked in red; available will be marked green).

There are some advanced options (including entering a date range, entering specific times for an entry, deleting an entry, etc.). These options are covered in detail as part of this
video tutorial.


Question: How often do I need to update my availability?

Every time it changes! Please remember to update your availability when you become unavailable at any given time.


Question: How do I decline a game I have already accepted?

By accepting an assignment, you are expected to honor it. While emergencies do arise, frequent declining of assignments after previous acceptance will result in the referee not being selected for future assignments.

If an emergency does arise, you must email the referee assignor AND you must call the referee assignor at (612) 466-0929.  If less than 24 hours before the accepted game, begin with the phone call.



Question: Where can I print off my schedule?

You can print off your assigned games, as well as other reports in the Reports section of GameOfficials, accessed via the left-hand navigation of the site. Make sure you read through the settings in order to print in the correct format.


Question: Can I self assign myself to open games?

If games remain open after hand assigning within a week or so before the game, they will go on self-assign.  You can view these open games in the Open Games section (accessed via the left-hand navigation).  If you wish to be considered for these assignments, email the assignor.

Other “Tidbits”

Click on this link to see specifics regarding field locations at the Complex.  These are the same descriptions that appear on the MYSA website.

Click on the Driving Directions link to see GoogleMaps directions from your home address to the complex.


Accepting Games

You have 2 days to accept your assignments.  If you do not accept within two days, the system will automatically unassign you and the assignor will assign the game(s) to another referee.


There are 3 ways to accept games:

Accept via the website.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on My Games
  3. Click on Not Accepted
  4. Click Accept or Decline – if declining, enter a reason for declining
  5. Click Save button

Accept via email

Accept via text


Your Schedule

  1. Click on My Games
  2. Click on All Future Games to see all games after the current date that you have accepted/declined.
  3. To create a vCalendar appointment for use in Outlook, Palm Desktop, etc,
    click the diamond vCalendar icon to the left of the game or run the Export Schedule report at the bottom of the page.

Your Pay

To see an estimate of what you’ll be paid

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Enter start/end dates
  3. Select desired formatting
  4. Click Get Report (top right)

Note that this is an estimate only and may reflect games you have declined, depending on when you run it.  Information reflected on this page may be adjusted if there is an error on it for any reason (last minute change, etc).